Faith Journeys

The story of each new Muslim is an amazing journey in search for truth. Different people from different backgrounds and walks of life have struggled in their own ways, have had different experiences and eventually they found Allāh and Islām. Each faith journey is unique and admirable. Each new Muslim represents a beacon of light as he/she has striven for hope and in search of happiness and internal peace. We pray that you benefit from these New Muslims’ experiences, first of all by being grateful to Allāh for Islām if you grew up in a Muslim household, and second, to draw inspirations from them so we tread with more wisdom our own worldly journey. In turn, we will grow in appreciation for the beautiful faith we were born in. Inshā’allāh, these stories will motivate us to become better Muslims to serve Allāh, the ones we love and humanity at large. 

On the other hand, if you are someone who is learning about Islām, you will realise that there have been many people like you in the past searching for answers and they found them in this beautiful and peaceful faith. Don’t hesitate in embarking on your own journey of discovery. Please click on the links below to be a witness of each faith discovery.