It is Allāh Ta`ālā who guides a person in his/her search for religious truth in this worldly journey. A person can go to accept Islām at a venue of his/her choosing. However it is extremely important to ensure that each New Muslim receives the social/financial/moral support and basic Islamic education needed to stand on his/her own feet. 


At Light of Hira we aim to walk with each New Muslim through the door of Islām. It is the shahādah after-care which will enable the New Muslim to not only embrace the faith, but grow into it as well, developing his/her whole self in spiritual and Islamic practice terms as well as assimilating the Islamic ethos. 

Wherever you are, if you are involved in the process of Shahādah, we remind ourselves first and invite others to assist the New Muslims in this journey. They should not just be left alone after they proclaim their shahādah, otherwise they will struggle immensely in developing as a wholesome Muslim. 

For the purpose of shahādah, please feel free to download our sample Shahādah certificate. It can be amended to include the details of either your masjid, organisation, institute or centre. Its distinguishing feature is that the certificate specifies the New Muslim is accepting Islām out of his/her personal choice and conviction, without coercion.

Burial Instructions

The certificate also makes mention that for the purpose of burial, the body of the deceased, in this case whenever Allāh the Almighty has has decreed the departure from this world for this individual, his/her body should be handled by the Islamic authorities of Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jamā`ah as stipulated on the Shahādah certificate. This is particularly important to ensure the New Muslim is buried according to the required Islamic rites. In many cases we find that the New Muslim does not disclose his/her faith to his/her family for personal reasons or simply because it was not possible. Therefore, when the New Muslim signs this Shahādah Certificate, this document will ensure there is no dispute with family members of the deceased, regardless of their faith/no-faith, since the New Muslim had consented with his/her signature for the determined Islamic authority on the certificate to undertake the burial duties according to the individual wishes when he/she had embraced Islām.

Please feel free to download the sample and email us in case you want to obtain our Shahādah Certificate.